Our client’s needs vary. A lot. As a small business owner, you probably wear a lot of hats. So, whatever your problem is, we can probably help. But if you curious where we’ve spent time with other clients lately, it’s here:

Video Production

If your social media accounts are stale, but creating video seems out of reach with your current skill set we can help out. We’ll help you come up with a  great video idea, and then we will film and edit it for you. Even if you’re just looking for an intro or some design assets, we can probably help out.

Video Production Training and Setup

If you’re more included to learn how to make quality videos yourself, even with something as simple as a smartphone, we can help train you and your staff for that too. We’ll help you get everything set up online, and build out a repeatable process that you can use for everything you want to create.

Technology Coaching for Leaders

You have questions about technology that you don’t have time to look up, and don’t want to ask friends or colleagues. You can ask us anything, no matter how “stupid” you might feel, and we’ll give you an honest and credible answer. These recurring sessions remove Google searches from your life and replace them with real, valuable conversation and use cases.

LinkedIn Training for Teams

Each member of your team wants to own their personal brand, but collectively they represent your business. How do you trust in their autonomy to manage their own personal assets, while convincing them to represent you as best as possible? Our training sessions help establish the importance of maintaining your own personal brand, but also the value in establishing a common message across a team or business.

Building a Lasting, Self Sustaining Community

These days awareness exists as a residue left behind by your tribe online.  Your customers like your brand, but how do you get them to rally around you and evangelize your existence? There’s actually a repeatable process you can implement to help form a lasting community. If you’re having less luck advertising these days, you may need to focus on community instead of just blasting out ads.

General Marketing Consulting

Marketing Research, Strategy, and Planning – Time for some market research? When you need some numbers to test a decision you’re making, we can pull together the right data to help you make a quick and informed decision.

Competitive Analysis – The lady down the street is killing it on social media. What’s she doing to increase her organic reach? Why are her fans so engaged? How do their prices or service compare to yours? We look into anything you’re interested in so that you can take the lead.

Those are just some examples, and we’ve done a lot more. We love crazy ideas, so let us know what you’re thinking.

Find out what we do best.