Your team members (hopefully) want to own their personal brand. But you also need to ensure they consistently represent your brand to the world. Managing that scenario can be tricky, yet it is possible. This methodology has been used for a handful of teams within Fortune 100 companies and leaves both sides feeling satisfied. Our process happens over four stages of training:

Motivation for Personal Branding
Maybe you’re one of the lucky leaders who’s team actively owns their public image online. If not, at least some of you’re team may need to understand the importance of maintaining an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. This portion of the training exposes individuals to the current and future value of keeping their resume public.

Mastering Your LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn is far more detailed than it was when it launched. If your team hasn’t updated their profile in while, there could be a lot of holes. This training walks step-by-step on setting up the most important sections of their LinkedIn profile like experience, education, certifications, and how to add work examples that demonstrate mastery.

The Cohesive Team Brand
Once users are confident in building a quality LinkedIn profile, it’s time to start talking about why it’s important to have a collective voice as a team. This portion of training helps the team understand the value of a team voice, and allows members autonomy in moulding the team specific message to fit their career ambitions.

Keeping It Alive
Spending an afternoon jumping into LinkedIn is fun, and teams feel accomplished afterwards. But the real challenge is keeping the dream alive as individuals progress throughout the organization, and new team members join. This wrap-up helps establish ownership and strategy for ensuring that as the team changes, the team brand doesn’t change.

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